Store Policy


(Fresh and others)

  1. All products at Mighty Greens are covered by our Return Policy.
  2. If the product you purchase from Mighty Greens is defective or flawed, we will gladly credit the acquisition cost for you to use on future shopping or replace for a new one.
  3. If you wish to file an objection, kindly notify us by email by providing photographic proof.

Returns Policy

  1. The community is everything to us
    1. If it wasn’t for our community, we wouldn’t be here. At Mighty Greens, we don’t only take care of plants, we also love to sow farming seeds in the hearts of our community. We are committed to providing our valued customers and community members with great quality products and services.
  2. Mighty Greens Product Safety Policy
    1. Mighty Greens is committed to providing the safest and utmost quality goods. In order to achieve such objectives we have a distinct product approval practice, which is:
      1. Production facilities inspections;
      2. Product testing.
  3. How to file an objection
    1. If by any instance you purchase a product or hire a service from us and desire to communicate a product defect or safety associated issue, kindly email us at [email protected]
    2. As soon as we have your details and objection details, your case will be handled in relation to our product Safety Policies.
  4. Our incident procedures
    1. Step 1: Customer files an objection by email
    2. Step 2: Mighty Greens staff records objection file and designates the incident into a category. Such objection is then processed according to the scrutiny and level of rigor required.
    3. Step 3: In order to come up with a conclusion Mighty Greens must follow the ensuing factors:
      1. Industry rules; 
      2. The law;
      3. Common sense and logical thinking pertaining to the occurrence.
  5. Product Recall Process
    1. At Mighty Greens, customer satisfaction is of the highest importance. In case a product is recalled or removed, the customer will be informed of such occurrence in a timely manner. Such occurrence is followed by Mighty Greens Policies, local law compliance, reliability security, and health and safety regulations.

Need help?

Contact us at [email protected] for questions related to refunds and returns.

Our time: 9:00pm CST