Fundraising Projects

We need your help

Mighty Greens are raising awareness to fund a Community Garden project for the ARTM Treatment Centre right here in Macau! Our goal is to raise enough funding to build and maintain a vegetable garden that is accessible to the whole community.

Your kind donation will be used to help reach our goal for the Community Garden. All proceeds will be put towards the build and maintenance of the garden. 

help us, please donate now

To donate, please make a direct bank deposit to our bank account:

Bank name: BNU Macau
Account Name: Mighty Greens
Account number: 9015629591
Reference note: "Community garden donation"
Please send us proof of your donation to: [email protected]

Alternatively, scan the following QR code using the MPay app, and add reference "community garden donation":

mighty greens qr code
Thank you for helping Macau reach its sustainability goals!!
Our time: 9:55am CST